We build brands that inspire and create digital experiences that connect people to information.


We build brands that inspire and create digital experiences that connect people to information.


Nucleus Structure

A framework that enables us to transform strategy and build thoughtful design deliverables.

01. Identity

Vision of your reality, realised.

User Experience Design (UXD)
We identify to bring movement in creating unique and compelling stories that assist our clients in achieving their key business objectives.
Stylescapes are a design deliverable that help present the visual language direction of a project. They consist of identity, branding, colours, textures, fonts, messaging, images, patterns and interface with physical elements.
Brand Name & Messaging
Language defines a brand as much as aesthetics. We work with our clients to develop the perfect verbal identity from naming your company to articulating brand messaging and positioning.
Logo & Identity Systems
We create the most truthful and compelling visualisation of your brand. Through hard work, research and fearless iterations, we explore many possibilities before arriving at a comprehensive conclusion and versatile identity system.
Brand & Style Guidelines
We cover the ground up by creating logo specifications and guidelines for typography, colour, iconography, image style and usage. This ensures your brand assets are correctly applied and brand integrity is maintained.
Architectural Design
We design signage, displays, way finding systems and interior/exterior architecture that help brands function in spaces of all shapes and sizes. This consistently ensures your brands integrity is maintained across all applications.

02. Creative

First visualise to then materialise.

Information Design (ID)
We transform information collected, into well designed content. We accomplish this by connecting with our clients through creative design by inventing and visualising through shape, form, type and colour.
Copywriting & Proofing
Copywriting is the art of writing text for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Well written content aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately to persuade a person or group to take a particular action.
Imagery Capture
Through imagery and the use of particular words, we create visual representations. We use figurative language to represent objects, actions and ideas. We do this in a creative way so it appeals to peoples physical senses.
Image Editing
We modify and improve digital photographic images by using different techniques, tools and software. We focus on image editing to create the best possible look for the images and also improve the overall quality across different parameters.
Videography Capture
Script development is the blueprint for a project and storyboarding is the foundation and framing. We add, edit and refine the details of your story and map out the visual sequence in live-action video to visually represent your brand.
Video Editing
In post production we edit, colour correct footage, perfect the soundtrack, apply visual effects and graphics through compositing. Everything then comes together and the visual media is prepared for screens of all sizes.

03. Technology

To build and become better than yesterday.

High-end Development
We are forever learning to constantly build and develop our knowledge surrounding, Technical Planning, Web Development, CMS Integration, Mobile Web & App Development, API & Systems Integration, Ecommerce & Transactional Development and most importantly Testing & Optimisation.
Functionality & Features
We use rich functionality & features to bring each project to life by transforming a static design into an interactive experience. We aim to fully engage our clients end users within the presented story telling experience.
Responsive Web Development
We have a wealth of knowledge in Client-Side Frameworks, Front End & Back End Development, JavaScript & jQuery, Semantic, concise HTML & CSS skill-sets and developing native applications from start to finish.
Workflow Development
Our interaction designers and content strategists create the architecture for platforms that are intuitive and user friendly. We first understand your workflow and then develop unique solutions that optimise your process.
Quality, Usability & Testing
Projects are reviewed, tested and validated before each release cycle to the client. We ensure quality assurance, usability and testing is completed to high quality and regulated prior to each project handover and completion.
Optimisation & Delivery
Our projects run through multiple rounds of optimisation to ensure performance is maintained at an peak level. Throughout our handover and delivery process we ensure project scopes are always adhered to a high standards.

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